Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parenting is a Lifelong Commitment

I read something about a letter from your parents. It basically said you are still my baby and how much I worry about you and please tell me you are fine.  As a mom I totally understand that, especially when I still call Noah my baby, he says I am your big boy. He is right but I remind him he will always be my baby.  I think you should let your parents know how you are, it is important.  I also think that parents should help their children, even when they are adults.  No one is perfect and sometimes people need help from their mom or dad. I don’t understand the mentality some parents have where they can’t wait until their kids move out, turn 18 or they get as far as possible from their child.  I personally think the moment you become a parent, you are a parent for forever. Your job is not over when your child is not 18 or 21 or moves out.  You cannot retire from parenthood.   You are still required to provide emotional support for your children, be their crutch, be their rock, be the one that they can run to when they need help.

We grow up relying on our parents. That is something we figure out the day we are born. We know that these giant people are our parents and their job is to take care of us and comfort us.  It’s not a learned behavior. I don’t see why that should change when you are an adult.  You are not blessed with all the wisdom and knowledge on your eighteenth birthday, although some people think so. Life is just a series of choices and events and sometimes things don’t work out like we planned.   I believe in someone being able to make mistakes and learn from them, but sometimes you need help.  It might be financially, relationship wise or anything really.  You just can’t turn your back on your child and let them fend for themselves.  You can’t offer them suggestions like telling them they need to do something ridiculous. 

When Noah grows up, I want to make sure he knows he can always come to me for help and emotional support or anything he needs.  I will make sure he knows every day how much I love him, how special he is and how proud I am of him. After all that is what we do for our kids.  I don’t think that just because someday Noah will be an adult that I will turn in my mom card and be done.  Being a parent is truly a lifelong commitment.

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