Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Thoughts on Eden's World

Have you seen the show Eden’s World? It is about 6 year old Eden Wood who used to be a beauty pageant superstar. It is on Logo and I started watching it On Demand. Let me tell you that it is a horrible train wreck. All of the pageant shows are train wrecks and I don’t think that dressing your child up to look like a grown up and skimpy outfits is an ok thing to do. It is totally wrong in my opinion and it makes little girls focus on outer fake beauty. All of the pageant pictures look like the little girls aren’t even real, like someone made them in to a plastic fake doll. I know that a lot of parents live through their child for the adults dreams of wishing they were beauty queens. 

Eden’s World is a horrible show. Sure I think she is cute but overly too cute. She seems that she is overacting and over the top.  I don’t want to sound like I am bad mouthing a six year old. My problem with the show has nothing to do with Eden herself.  I am glad that she is so confident, even though it might be a little too confident. Things I saw in the episodes of Eden’s World were not appropriate.  I know that it is not a kid’s show but there are kids present when a lot of the drama happens.  I think the stylist Fran is an evil and rude woman, she yells at people, gets in confrontations with other adults in front of young children, and her language is horrible. I would be so upset if my child heard the things she was saying as a parent.  Her Manager is the same way, she also is very short tempered, rude, angry and also uses foul language in the presence of Eden and other children. I also noticed that her manager is not being professional. 

My question is Mickie why subject your child to that? Why would you do a show like this? Why would you want your adorable 6 year olds name and brand attached to rude and nasty tempered people? I understand Eden really wants to become a star, but the E Team’s behavior is going to harm her more than it helps her.  People will quickly learn about the E Team’s temper and why would someone want to do business with Eden if her team treats others like dirt? I think that you should have probably passed on the show because her talent is what should get her out there, not some ridiculous show that makes you, your daughter and her dreams look like some big joke.

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