Friday, June 22, 2012

My Neighborhood Directory

I was thinking about the neighborhood garage sale that my neighborhood has twice a year. I know they normally do it in May or June. I thought about possibly doing one myself.  I searched online and found my neighborhood’s website.  I had been there before and it was totally different. I tried to click on different things and a log in page popped up. I was thinking well how do I get a login? I clicked Register and started looking at the form.  One of the first things I noticed was Pet Information, at first I thought, I wonder why that is important. Then I saw it said description and emergency number.  Then it clicked.  I think that is brilliant. I have seen lost pets in our neighborhood, most of the time it was my old neighbor’s dogs, so I knew who they belonged to, but a person a street over might not know.  Pets get out on occasion, they are not just pets, and they are members of someone’s family.  I think it is awesome that my neighborhood is going the extra mile to include that in the online directory.  I would love to see that become a standard in a neighborhood directory all over the US and Canada too.

Of course there are basic information items in the directory too. They have the typical names and ages of your children. That would great for finding kids Noah’s age, and for those friends he meets on the bus.  He starts Kindergarten in August.  He knows his phone number but maybe some other kids won’t.  I will eventually teach him our home phone number too, so my cell phone isn’t the hub of Noah’s social network. 

What kinds of things are in your neighborhood directory?

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