Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guppies, Guppies, Guppies

We have new pets.  After the loss of my beloved Lucy cat, in January, we decided that we would get new pets.  Noah is a fish fanatic. He loves every type of sea creature. Part of that is genetic and the other part is his room is an underwater theme, that I picked when he was a baby.  So, what better pets to get than something that lives in water, honestly I would rather have a tank of seahorses, which I plan on having some day or starfish or some really cool underwater creatures.  Unfortunately, that is not an option right now for many reasons, so we got some fish.  I didn’t want to do the whole aquarium thing because fish, the type I would buy, aka cheap ones, wouldn’t live long enough.  It is big and bulky and just a hassle. I had a fish named Jenny when I was little named after my first best friend and she lived in a fish bowl.   

So, Noah and I went to go pick out some fish. Thank goodness there was a man to help us and give us some advice.  Basically, since I just wanted to get a bowl or tank the fish choices were very limited. We got two kinds of guppies, which happen to be male and female. I guess the guy and  I both forgot to think of that before it was too late.   I guess Noah could open a guppy stand in our yard selling them for 50 cents apiece, if there are a lot of babies.  I have learned that guppies get pregnant vs laying eggs.  Noah was over the moon excited when we got the fish. He told everyone we saw about the fish. I thought he was going to burst.  It was so cute too see him that excited.  He named them, Fish, Fishy Friend, Fishy and Noah. We didn’t assign them a name that’s just their collective names. We have been spending our days watching them swim and making sure I remember to feed them.  I hate cleaning their tank though. Guppies are dirty little fish.

While I was cleaning their tank one night, I didn’t count the fish before I started.  I took out the plant I put in for decoration and went on my way to get the fish out.  I caught three of them and noticed one was missing. I looked all over the floor and counter and couldn’t find it.  I finally found the fish dead stuck in the plant. I am assuming the fish was already dead when I took the plant out because I always swished the plant and it would have swum or jumped out.  I asked Noah how many fish he saw swimming right before and he said three.  I tried to revive the fish but it was gone. I sent it to fish heaven.  I am thinking it was complications during pregnancy because I am pretty sure that fish was pregnant because it was getting really dark in areas.  Of course I didn’t mention that to Noah, it was hard enough for him. 

Noah asked me later about the fish we lost; I said it is in fish heaven with Lucy. He said cats aren’t in fish heaven.  I said oh silly mommy.  He asked me if God is in fish heaven too. I said yes.  Noah said so fish heaven is God’s Aquarium.  I think that is a beautiful thought.

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