Saturday, June 23, 2012

Enjoy Garlic Joy!

I love garlic. I love it so much. I am like The Grinch because I might just have garlic in my soul.  Not in a bad way though. It is just so freaking delicious.  Garlic is so good for you and wards off the vampires. I love it in all forms. I am not too big on garlic powders or garlic salts but will use them in a pinch.  Garlic powder is good in pitas though.  When I was in Florida, in September visiting my mom before we went on the cruise, we went to Gecko Fest.  Of course it only made sense that Geico sponsored it. We stumbled on a booth for this garlic product. I of course had to try it.  I am after all the Garlic Queen. I tried it and fell in love.  It is called Garlic Joy. The name is extremely fitting because it brought me joy.  I wasn’t able to buy any at the time, but I thought about it for months.  We went to the farmers market, last week knowing they were going to be there. They go to all the events down here.  The woman asked me if I like garlic. I said I love garlic. I tried another sample and I bought a jar of the Original Garlic Joy Spread.  It comes in four flavors. I am the kind of woman that says don’t mess with my garlic. They also make spaghetti sauce and other gourmet foods. I am in love. There isn’t any dairy in it and it contains 12 cloves of garlic in each jar. I love that it is all natural and it makes me feel like I am in garlic heaven.

I love that I am able to take a short walk every week and buy some more anytime I want. It is so creamy and so good. If you love garlic as much as I do, you should order some Garlic Joy. You won’t be disappointed. I promise it is amazing.

No one asked me to write this, and or tweet about it. I gladly gave my $8.95 to them in exchange for a jar of Garlic Joy. Thank you to Garlic Joy though for making such a delicious product for me to enjoy.

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