Friday, May 25, 2012

Adventures Unlimited Trip #Gulfcoast #Brandcation

One of the adventures we went on Brandcation, turned out to be the biggest adventure of all. We went to Adventures Unlimited in Milton Florida.  They offer zip lining, tubing, kayaking and even camping.  The property was absolutely breath taking. There were so many lush trees and it was hard to believe I was in Florida still. It was like I was out in the wilderness.  I know that not all of Florida is palm trees and beaches so it was different when you think of being so close to Pensacola Beach.  One of the things I noticed was how friendly the staff was.  They were all very nice and Jack the owner made a point to personally talk to me a bunch.  It made me feel like I was one of members the Adventures Unlimited family. 

I am not a wilderness girl.  I grew up in the suburbs.  I went to camp and stuff when I was younger and love to go camping. Honestly, when I thought about zip lining, I had no idea how high it really was going to be. The only zip line I had seen before was at a pumpkin patch. I wouldn’t say I was afraid of heights, just more afraid to actually do the zip lines. I did the practice zip and stopped short of the platform, so I had to pull myself in.  I know that everyone else had a really great time.  I just wasn’t able to take the leap off the normal ones.  It’s not my thing.  Although I didn’t zip line, I was able to spend some time just talking to the staff and taking in the natural beauty of Adventures Unlimited. 

After zip lining we went tubing in Cold Water Creek.  I was excited to be able to go tubing because I loved going tubing at water parks. It’s not the same obliviously, but I thought it was a similar experience.  I had been tubing in the past where you are pulled by a boat and that is a lot of fun.  This kind of tubing was where it is you, your tube and your faith in the river to get you to the exit.  The tubing adventure is almost 4 miles long. It can be really relaxing for some.  I had a hard time managing myself to stay out of the trees. I learned to become very creative when it came to pushing off things, like tree limbs, branches and rocks.  Be sure to stay fully hydrated because you don’t know how long you will be in the river.  The water wasn’t very deep so that was a good thing. One thing I will tell you that I learned very quickly is to make sure you are aware of what is in the water. I didn’t see any snakes but there are stumps that you have to be careful of. You don’t want to bump your bum or worse get stuck on a stump.  As long as you keep your bottom up and are aware of your surroundings you should be alright. I ended up getting heat stroke in the process so; I only remember part of the tubing adventure.  I guess I was hallucinating and passing out.  I want to give special thanks to Lisa she made sure I made it safely.

For more information about Adventures Unlimited please check out their website.

Thank you to Adventures Unlimited for sponsoring a full day adventure for all of the Brandcation attendees. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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