Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sheila's Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jell-o Shots Recipe

When I was in New Hampshire, visiting my best friend Brandy, she knew I never tried Jell-o Shots before. I don’t know why, cause I love Jell-o a lot. I of course really liked them, no surprise there. She didn’t really like them, I am not sure if it was because there was Malibu in them or what, but they were so good.  As most of you guys know I love coming up with my own unique recipes.  I started thinking about how I could make a drink that tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry. Cream Di Cacao is a chocolate liqueur but, honestly you can really taste the alcohol in it. I learned that the hard way when my friends and I tried to make chocolate martinis. It was the grossest thing I ever drank.  I also wanted to incorporate Jell-o shots.  The thought of Jell-o and chocolate pudding mixed together, made my stomach churn, so I had to keep brainstorming. I knew that they sold molds to make your own shot glasses but I wasn’t sure if that would be enough Jell-o shot. I almost bought a shot glass mold from Amazon, but decided not to.

I went to Michael’s and I am addicted to Wilton products and I saw a tart mold. I thought this would be perfect and I picked up the Jell-o Shot supplies and some milk chocolate chips and I was ready for my creation to be born.

This is a fairly simple recipe. I highly recommend getting more than one Tart Mold for this recipe. They are like 2 dollars apiece. I need to pick some more up soon.

You will need:
A box of strawberry Jell-o
1 cup boiling water
1 cup alcohol of choice I used Malibu, you can use vodka
A bag of Milk Chocolate chips you can use any type of chocolate chips you want
One Tablespoon of shortening
Wilton Tart mold (will make three) The recipe will make about 9 or 10

1. Boil the water and combine it with the package of Jell-o, stir until dissolved.

2.Stir in 1 cup of alcohol and mix well

3.This is a very important step.  Put the Jell-o in the fridge, while you make the shells. Don’t let it get completely firm.

4.Melt  chocolate and shortening in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir and microwave 10 more seconds at a time if not completely melted.

5.Fill the bottom tart mold, it pulls apart, 1/3 the way full. Snap on the lid and press down on the mold to completely cover the mold with chocolate.  Place in the refrigerator.

6.I didn’t want the look of the clumpy Jell-o, so I came up with a brilliant plan. After the Jell-o is no longer hot or warm, but still liquid, pour in the top of the mold and return to the fridge. You can also cut it in cubes, or whatever shapes you want, or do it clumpy. You will want to let it sit probably for quite a while, overnight if possible for everything to set up nicely.

7.Carefully pull apart the mold, and remove the chocolate tarts, then remove the Jell-o. You can use a toothpick to help prevent it from sticking too much. I wasn’t able to get the perfect Jell-o shape but I was able to get it out in two pieces. 

These are yummy. I don’t think I would eat a bunch of them because they are rich but they would be great as part of a dessert sampler at a dinner party, or just a classy way to serve the classic Jell-o shot.

You could also make it with cherry Jell-o or Raspberry or any flavor you think would sound delish!

Please remember to drink responsibly. You must be 21 years or older to enjoy this recipe.


  1. Interesting. Ised to do jello shots years ago, but my hubby will not eat it. He got sick as a child and the only food he was allowed for weeks was jello. Now he doesn't do it. But I best they could be fun for a party.

  2. Yummy!! I love chocolate and jello shots, but never thought to put the two together.

  3. I don't drink, but these sound delicious. Probably one of those things that sneak up on you after you have too many, lol.

  4. These can easily be made without alcohol and still be so fun. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!