Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I Have Really Bad Car Anixety

The first car accident I was in, we were going to Target with my grandma Rose. It was January 2003, and we were rear ended by a teenage girl. I was the first accident I had ever been in and it wasn’t that bad. No one really had any injuries although we were checked out by the paramedics. It was really hard for the paramedics to ask my grandma the normal what day of the week, who is the president questions because her Alzheimer’s Disease was advanced. My second car accident was really bad. I know I wrote a little about it before. After the second accident, I had all sorts of problems. We were T-boned on my door. I had taken the full impact. I was beaten up and pretty much left to fend for myself. I was staying with my friend because I had apartment issues. Somehow, I was living there, even though I had my own apartment, and that meant I wasn’t able to really get any of her insurance benefits. She was found at fault. I am not sure if that was legal for them to do that or not. I definitely was entitled to pain and suffering and lost wages because I wasn’t able to start my job. When I called the insurance company, they told me I had to sue her. I was dumbfounded really, I mean she had been my best friend for over 15 years at this point. I remember saying to them so I have to get an accident lawyer and sue my best friend? I was really angry, and in pain, I mean I was the one who was actually hurt in the accident. I was lucky that I didn’t break anything because it could have been really bad. I had never really had any experience with lawyers because I had never even been in an accident at work where I would have needed a workers comp lawyer.

I know that both my old best friend and the other driver received a bunch of money, and I received none. It took them a couple years to even pay my medical bills. So, I received the phone calls asking for payment. I am not really sure why the insurance company felt like I deserved nothing. I wish I would have sued her. I say that not because of the money or because we were in a fight, but because I still have car anxiety. I still freak out in the car. It’s pretty embarrassing and I can’t really help it. I probably should have been able to get counseling. I am still severely affected to this day. I have always been kind of apprehensive when it comes to cars and motorcycles. I just chose not to drive and not to ride a motorcycle.

When I found out that in New Hampshire where my best friend Brandy lives they don’t have to wear motorcycle helmets, I thought that was extremely dangerous and that there are a lot of motorcycle accidents. I know here there is one motorcycle accident lawyer that I know of from their ads but there must be tons where she lives. I think that it’s silly not to wear a helmet when you are on a motorcycle, but people do it all the time and it often leads to serious accidents and even death. Please be careful on the roads and if you ride a motorcycle wear a helmet and always wear your seat belt, it could save your life.

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