Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simple and Stylish Sandals for Men

When it comes to sandals for men, The All Terrain Lite Strap Sandals by Ecco are available in a woodsy, dark brown. The shoes are imported and have a simple style. There have flexible black rubber soles. The shoes are light and are able to bend with the motion of the foot. The soles are thick with traction underneath.
The shoes' traction allow movement and flexibility while walking or running. The shoe has decorative slits on them that form a simple design. There is stitching detail on the straps in tan threading which contrasts with the brown and black of the rest of the shoe. The upper strap has additional decoration in the form of three tiny black circles.
The design does not overpower the shoe and the shoe is still woodsy brown with tiny accents. Typical of sandals for men, the leather strap comes with adjustable Velcro for closure. Unlike other sandals, both leather straps on the sandal are adjustable. The upper leather strap bears the red Ecco logo in small red stitching. There is a rubber sole and leather straps. Both materials are durable and water resistant. The footbed is cushioned and black. There is cushion in the heel strap.

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