Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Grandparents Love

My grandparents had a very special love. They were married a really long time. The definitely upheld their vows of till death do us part.  They were married for 54 years, before my grandpa passed away. They were married in 1938. I still remember attending their 50th wedding anniversary party. I was in the first grade. It was such a fun party with all my family and their friends. There were so many people that I remember there wasn’t room for everyone in the kitchen and family room. My cousins and I hung out in the den. I am so glad that I was able to help them celebrate their undying love for each other. I remember that I gave them a special gift. It wasn’t an expensive gift, but it was a handmade book I made in school about the letter A. My grandma held on to it for as long as I can remember. It is probably in one of our boxes still.  I proudly signed their guestbook Sheila followed by 1 and the class number I was in, which meant I was in the first grade.  My sister was in third grade and signed her name  the same way.

I still love looking through their 50th anniversary guest book now. It reminds me of their love, the good times we had.  I don’t know if my grandparents had a wedding guest book. I never saw one, and my grandma saved everything. I even found my great grandparents birth and death certificates one day. I think it is important to have a guest book because someday your children or even your grandchildren will be curious about who attended. In some cases, your children were not born yet, and it is a great way to remember who celebrated your marriage with you.  
Did you have a guest book at your wedding?

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