Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Dream Backyard

In almost every house I have lived in has always had a deck. One of the houses I lived in growing up had a deck with a built in hot tub.  We never used the hot tub because it was broken, which was sad because I love hot tubs.  In the house I live in now, there isn’t really room for a deck because the yard is kind of on a hill and there are also trees in odd places. I would never cut a tree down, in fear of my five year old tree hugger yelling at me to “Save our trees”.  In my next house I would love to design my dream backyard. I would want a huge deck with a spot for a hot tub. I would be able to splurge on a hot tub with some good research of composite deck prices.  Did you know that if you have a hot tub, they have specific requirements for the place of the hot tub?  I found that out when my old best friend bought one and they couldn’t deliver it.  That way I can relax every night and look up at the stars on my beautiful deck.

It is also really important to have good railing so you don’t have to worry about falling off the deck. When I was 14 I was babysitting and the family didn’t have very safe railing on their deck and I fell off the deck. I didn’t break anything thankfully; I just ended up with a few cuts and bruises.  I was thankful that it wasn’t the child I was babysitting.  I still remember that day and so I am very careful when it comes to decks now. Not only am I careful about the construction, but the composite railing prices. I wouldn't want to skimp when safety is a concern.  I would hate for Noah or anyone for that matter to fall off a deck like I did.  It would be very dangerous and could cause serious injury.

I would also love to have a big fence. I like privacy and I would want to keep animals like dogs and raccoons out of my yard. I also like the added security that a fence provides my family. I always thought that a big fence would be more expensive than a short one. Composite fencing pricing is comparable to other types of fencing. After visiting my friend Brandy in NH, I really want a pug. I don’t really like the idea of chaining up a dog outside, but of course you can’t let them roam free. That means a fence would be a must, if I ever want to get the pug I want some day.

I would also love to have an outdoor heater, a fire pit, and possibly an outdoor kitchen.

What would be in your dream backyard? I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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