Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I used to Jazzercise.

I used to Jazzercise. The funniest thing about that, is I am totally uncoordinated,  I didn’t do too hot, I only went for 8 weeks and then I was done.  I couldn’t keep up, I must have been the comic relief, besides the awkwardness from the ladies in the thong leotards.  I always hid in the back. I didn’t want anyone following my lead.  Cue the sweatbands, cheesy 80’s music and all the women jazzercising in unison. Then there was me, the 24 year old with her 24 year old best friend and my boss. Who was a nightmare in her own hellish Montessori way. Never Jazzercise with your boss, I didn’t do it on purpose. How was I supposed to know that she would be there? I was afraid of making a mistake, of course I couldn’t hide from her. She saw me and started talking me up.  Shooting my old best friend judgmental looks of why she didn’t enroll her kids in her Montessori school.  That was added stress of the monstrous Mrs. V breathing down my neck. Judging my Jazzercise form, which I had none.  I think the instructor was tempted to tell me about a preschool class that I could join to catch up.  I have never been a dancer.  Maybe when I was little, and I was dancing in my basement to music.  I never danced at school dances unless they were slow dances. 

I don’t even dance at bars or clubs. I did on my 20th birthday though at some club somewhere in North Carolina. I figured I would never see these people again so whatever.  That was more like rub up on random people and hope you didn’t get lice or worse.  It was at a club with drinking but you had to have a special wristband to get alcohol, and since I didn’t have my first sip of booze until the day I turned 21, I wasn’t interested in that. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. I was responsible though.  I know it isn’t really a self esteem thing it is just not what I am in to.  So, any chances of me going and winning a dance off ala Grease or Saved by the Bell, are gone.  I am one heck of a slow dancer though.  I won’t even step on your toes. I remember dancing with my Grandma Rose in her kitchen we would do the box step.

I always dance with Noah, we dance in the pool while I sing to him holding him in my arms. We also dance like crazy people around the house. I am really silly. It is so cute because Noah will say, May I have this dance to me.  Of course I have to say yes. He is so adorable.

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