Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can I Have Some Apple Dippers?

Last weekend, I went to Super Walmart. I was there for what seemed like 3 eternities, scouring the Valentine’s clearance, finding every Wilton product on clearance in the store, which I was able to score some good deals.  After my what felt like 6 years in Walmart, I was famished. There is a McDonald’s in that particular Walmart so I decided to get a snack. Now, before all the Mickey D haters come out of the wood work, I eat it in moderation.  I got a cheeseburger and a small fry. I had sworn McDonald’s off for a month after coming home from my best friend Brandy’s house in New Hampshire; this was well after that time period was up, so I figured it’s OK.  I had to get Noah something too; I mean that would be mean not to, right? So, I order him some Apple Dippers.  The manager informs me that they discontinued the caramel cup.  At first I was like no big deal, because my son doesn’t eat that part.  It dawned on me, while watching my fries cook that I ate that part.  I wanted to cry, that was the best part. I ate it with a spoon. That was my special treat, and now it is gone.

The more I think about it, I wonder why. Sure it’s got sugar in it, really all it is sugar, but what is like 2 teaspoons of caramel going to do? You get three dips out of it and it’s gone. Let’s do some McMath shall we? There are approximately ten apples in a package and you get three dips. So ten minus three equals seven, that is seven apples without caramel.  I wonder what pack of angry parents threw a fit about a little caramel; it isn’t like the ratio of caramel to apples was outrageous. I wished the cups were bigger, but never complained that it was bad. It really makes me flabbergasted that it was that big of a deal.  Last I checked, and I have had plenty of Apple Dippers in my life, that it is in a separate cup, not poured over like molten lava. I need to buy some caramel and apples now.  Parents could have said please no caramel or not let their child have it. Maybe a better solution would be asked would you like the caramel cup? So, it’s not wasteful when they order their happy meals.  Let’s face it; it’s still healthier than fries.  I mean remember it is two teaspoons full.   I highly doubt that could do any harm. Maybe if you filled a bathtub full of it, but its moderation folks.

So, once again, an angry parent mob, more than likely has ruined something I love, because they are on a warpath.  Rest in Peace Apple Dippers. You are just now sliced apples in a bag.

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