Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bunk Beds for Teenagers

Bunk beds might seem like a great choice for younger children who love to climb and commonly share bedrooms with their siblings, but you might not think of bunk beds as an ideal option for furnishing a young adult’s bedroom. When you consider that they save space, are available in a number of styles and configurations, and tend to be highly affordable, a bunk bed set might be just the ticket for your teen. Considering several factors, such as who sleeps in the room and other ways your teen uses her bedroom or dorm room, will help you choose the best furnishings.

Futon bunk beds are practical for teens that live in a dorm or enjoy entertaining friends in their bedrooms. The lofty top bunk serves as the primary sleeping spot while the futon mattress and frame on the bottom act as both comfortable seating during the day and folds down into a second bed when friends spend the night. This option is also useful if your teen spends hours in his room playing video games or simply enjoys having his own private space.

Loft beds are another type of bunk bed that teens enjoy. Although some simply offer a single bed on a lifted frame with a ladder or steps up to it, others also provide supplementary features that are beneficial to young adults. For example, beds with a mattress on the top and a desk below make dorm living easier to handle or give a high school student a quiet place to study, do homework or journal. Similarly, loft bunk beds that include closet space and shelving on the bottom present extra space for clothing and shoes or video games and DVDs --and what teen wouldn’t love more reasons to shop?

Some futon bunk beds allow you to set them up in a number of different configurations, so that your teen can decide what works best for now and then rearrange the furniture later on. For example, you might be able to put the set together as a standard set of stacked twin beds, switch to two side-by-side twin beds down the road, change to an L-shaped arrangement at another point and even connect the two frames and mattresses to make a king sized bed in the future.
Determining what types of bunk beds might best suit your teen is a personal choice. Be sure to involve your teenager in the process so that you pick a set that works for his or her lifestyle.

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