Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Noah's Accent

I am first generation American on my Dad’s side. I am both Irish and English. I find it hilarious that sometimes when Noah talks he either talks with a slight British accent or in British slang.  Now, he watches Kipper, Peppa Pig, and Thomas and they are all British shows.  There is a character on Kipper named Arnold. If I ask Noah if the little pig’s name is Arnold (Ar-nold) he will say no its ahh-nold.  Peppa Pig is a weird show where the pigs look like they have pink hairdryers for heads and they walk around snorting all the time, which seeing as they are pigs that would make sense.  All the other characters along with Peppa Pig’s family will talk in their British accents and then randomly make their animal noises. Most other shows with talking animals do not do this.  Noah loves popsicles so now he calls them “ice lollies”. He will say can I have an ice lolly mommy? I am always thinking popsicle Noah popsicle.

He has become very fond of legos and when he wants help taking them apart, he asks me to break it in to bits. I am not sure where he learned that from but I think it’s funny and cute.  One last British thing Noah says is when he wants to do something he will say “Can I have a go?”  I bet my dad would think it is funny that Noah sometimes talks with a British accent.  When we go to England someday, Noah will fit in as long as there are lots of ice lollies and everyone is named Ahh-nold.

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