Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Took One Look at Her and I had to Pull Her Toonie

I wanted to share with you some misheard song lyrics. I actually had a desk calendar one year full of misheard song lyrics. Of course there are tons of them out there. I thought it would be fun to tell you ones that I thought were something else.

From One of These Days by Tim McGraw I thought he was singing I took one look at her and I had to pull her toonie. I wasn’t sure what a toonie was. I looked it up on the internet and didn’t figure it out.  I was just looking up what is a toonie. I thought it was some country slang for something sexual or something. I tried to use context clues like all the English teachers in the past told me to do. The next lyric was and at 17 you only want one thing. So, I thought that it had to be that.  The correct line is I took one look at her and had to pull her to me. Sorry Tim McGraw.

Damnit Janet from Rocky Horror Picture Show I thought the lyric was it’s better than bedding on a rohand. I remember asking my mom what a rohand was. I figured she would know. She hadn’t any idea. I remember watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the captions on one night and after singing it like that for a long time, I learned the lyrics are its better than Betty Monroe had, which was the bride at the wedding they were at in the beginning of the movie.

Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues, it was one of mine and my ex’s songs. He would always play it on guitar. I really thought it was called Whites in Knight Satin. So, yeah I was wrong on that one. I wasn’t too sure what that song was about with a name like that.
What are some misheard lyrics you have been completely wrong about?

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