Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seducing Christopher Mendoza

I have been known to watch some guilty pleasure shows in my time. Some of the shows I watched were on Fox Reality. It is not on any more and sadly Fox Reality, which was a channel full of reality shows, a lot of them are kind of trashy. I used to watch a show that was only on at like 3 or 4 am, and I have insomnia so, I was up and started watching it. It was about a woman who was a private investigator who busted cheaters. There wasn’t much on TV and I kind of found it interesting.  The show I watched all the time was called Seducing Cindy. I am not sure why I cared if Cindy Margolis found love or not, I found it interesting. Basically, there were 20 or so guys were fighting to win Cindy’s heart. There was this guy named Christopher Mendoza, who was Cindy’s number one fan. Christopher was the sweetest guy on the show and he was often picked on by Timmy Z. who was a total jerk.

I cheered loud enough to wake the neighborhood when Timmy Z. was told to leave.  I often tweeted with my friend about the show and I remember celebrating with her via Twitter when Timmy Z was gone.  I remember this one episode of Seducing Cindy, where they pretending Cindy was in a horrible accident to see who would be there for her completely.  Christopher was really afraid of needles and he almost passed out during the blood test for a kidney match.  He would have given her his kidney, and I was crying when he realized she was absolutely fine.  Christopher is a total catch. He is so sweet, and a total hunk.  I wish more guys were like him. He would always say a prayer before she said who was leaving.  He is stinkin’ adorable!

I watched the show for him, secretly tweeting to my friend Jessica about how I was going to marry Christopher Mendoza. I was going to take him from Cindy. Once he was voted off, I couldn’t bear to watch anymore.  I cried real tears because she threw away her Prince Charming. I wanted them to be together although, I am not sure she deserved such a loving man. I don’t think I would win in a fight with Cindy; she looks kind of like an Amazon woman. She’d probably knock me out.  She ended up picking this guy named Leighton. He was nice but he was no Christopher Mendoza. Cindy and Leighton broke up shortly after the show ended.  I wasn’t really surprised. I think she picked him for the wrong reasons.  I hope Christopher finds the woman of his dreams that is worthy of all the love he has.  Maybe he will pick me. I have family in San Antonio, so Christopher if you are reading this…let’s chat.

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  1. Awww I love you Shelia! I hope Christopher sees this and falls madly in love with you!