Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Save This Holiday Season with CouponChief

We are approaching the holiday season. I know I like to do a lot of my shopping online. I am a single mom so, when I go shopping my son is always with me. When he was a baby, I could easily buy his presents with him with me and he wouldn’t even notice. I was able to get away with that until he was two. Even trying to hide the presents in the cart under things doesn’t seem to work well either.  I have had to start buying presents for him online.  Sometimes you can find some great deals and toys you can’t find in stores.  I always scout out for coupon codes from different websites like CouponChief to save extra money or sometimes get free items.  I could sign up for every stores newsletter but, I get so much email as is with all the newsletters I have already signed up with. I also like to try shopping at new stores since Noah’s major interests right now include space and sea life.  Both of those are hard to find at just any store.  I also have to support my VS habit, which I couldn’t do without coupon codes.

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