Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mall Surveys

I went to the mall the other day with Noah and my friend Ben. We went to the Lego Store and a couple other places. Noah was really excited to go to the Lego Store because we had never been and he is huge in to Lego. As I am typing this I hear the sounds of Lego bricks being moved around. I let Noah pick out a set and we also filled a small container of odds and ends Lego pieces, like tires and other assorted random pieces. Noah made some really cool things with the pieces.  I had not been to that mall in at least six months if not longer, so I wanted to walk around and see what was new.  We only wanted to go to a few places but walking to the end of the mall it happened.  I am not sure if your mall has those people that come up to you and ask you if you want to answer some questions or do a survey.

I was aware of them because they have been frequenting the mall that I was at for many years.  I was on high alert, they are like secret agents that pop out the shadows and bam you are asked will you please answer some questions.  I always say no, because I know my adorable five year old doesn’t want to sit through it and neither do I.  Well, Ben being the guy that talks to anyone for long periods of time about anything, decided to say yes.  I was hoping that Noah would have thrown a fit at that time, to get out of it. I really like Ben; he is just really friendly to everyone. I am more reserved and shy.  So, we follow the lady who was very nice and she started asking us questions about fragrances. She said it would take only a few minutes, time had either stopped or we were misinformed.  I thought ok we will fill out her questionnaire and we would be on our way. No big deal, I can write fast.  I could already tell Noah was not thrilled to say the least. 

After we both answered questions, and filled out our information we were led in to an office. I remember a long time ago I did a survey for cough syrup, it was not a pleasant experience so I said never again would I do a mall one.  Maybe that is why the lady asked me if I did a survey with her before a long time ago. Maybe I was in the training video of upset clients. I don’t really remember the circumstances, but I remember it was bad. I think I ended up walking out and telling them to shove their cough syrup.  So, after we went in the office they verified our information, and then called us on our phones. What if it were a home phone? How could they verify? Noah and I were taken in a room and I had to be sprayed with a perfume, that smelled pretty good. It was citrusy, it kind of reminded me of Clinque Happy.  Then I had to wait and answer questions on a computer.  I had to wait until the timer ran out. I was relieved when I had finished, and then she sprayed my other wrist with a perfume that I didn’t like at all and wait and answer questions.  Finally I was done.  I collected my pay for my hard hours work, two George Washington’s , yes two dollars. Ben got three and didn’t have to do as much as I did.  I guess equal pay for men and women is still not in affect.  I think it was gender discrimination.  I am just kidding.

I don’t know if you have ever worn two different perfumes or colognes at the same time, but by the time we went to dinner I stunk. Every time I put food in my mouth I could smell it and as it worked out I am left handed and the stinky perfume was on my left wrist. I wasn’t allowed to rinse it off.  They were supposed to call me to ask me more questions, they called once and I was in the middle of dinner and I had really bad service in the restaurant and we got disconnected.   I had a great time with Ben though. I know Noah did too. Noah was so incredibly good.

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