Monday, October 17, 2011

Getting Older.....What's the Big Deal?

As I was eating dinner, I had an idea for a post. QVC or HSN happened to be on the TV and they were talking about some anti aging products. I started thinking about my grandma Rose, and how beautiful she was.  I was thinking about how she didn’t use anti-aging products, how she didn’t dye her hair and she just aged. Granted all the women in my family on my mom’s side have great genes where we look younger than we are. I think that had something to do with it.  Even if we didn’t have good aging genes, I don’t think my grandma would have ever got Botox or dyed her hair or get anything like that done.  She got permanents but that is how she wore her hair.  I still remember her hands they were wrinkly and I used to lightly pinch her skin on the back of her hands to make it stand up.

 My Grandma Rose was beautiful and she was naturally that way.  I started wondering, what is wrong with being old or looking your age?  You can’t watch TV without hearing the words anti-aging. You can’t read a magazine without seeing an ad for the latest anti aging product.  Our grandmas didn’t need all of those products. I know that most of them were not around back then.  I think little old ladies are absolutely adorable.  I like to think that they earned every wrinkle they have. Maybe a wrinkle on my grandma’s face was from when my uncle Gene was in his motorcycle accident. Maybe another one was from when I choked on a lifesaver when I was four. My Grandma Rose used to say that she earned every one of these wrinkles. I used to call my grandma an old lady, it was in good fun and she called me kid. She didn’t care if she was wrinkled.  She was truly happy with the way she looked.

 I don’t see why wrinkles are considered a bad thing.  Everyone is so obsessed with looking young and beautiful with their magic potions and their boxes of hair dye.  As I am writing this the movie Death Becomes Her comes to mind. The two characters are so obsessed about being young and winning that they end up being hideous and not to mention dead at the end of the movie.  Women poke and prod themselves and get all sorts of peels and pulls and inject themselves with who knows what. For what, exactly, nothing is guaranteed.  Women go under the knife and get surgeries just  to look better.
There are women that go over board and end up looking kind of messed up like Joan Rivers or Suzanne Somers. Who were both beautiful women and if they weren’t so concerned about looking younger than they would look a lot more natural and less like clowns.  Those women are not looked at as young looking women, they are looked at as weird looking. I don’t think people would be like wow they look old, and if they do, they probably are.  Everyone gets old, if they live long enough.  There is nothing wrong with being old. It is a fact of life that I wish more people would embrace instead of denying  it to themselves. 

I know it is considered rude to ask an older person their age.  I know some women lie about their age to hide how old they are.  I am so glad that my mom doesn’t lie about her age, if Noah asks how old she is, she will tell him or if anyone asked for that matter.  She is comfortable in her own skin.  I just wish everyone else was comfortable in their own skin and just aged gracefully and enjoyed life.

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