Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finding Your Soulmate on Craigslist

I know I have talked about Craigslist before, sometimes when I get bored, I go and check out my local Craigslist. I wouldn’t buy anything or meet anyone off Craigslist personally. I know some people have positive experiences with it, I just don’t wanna chance it especially after the whole Craigslist killer thing and all the scams.  There is a section called Missed Connections, where if you see someone you want to get to know and don’t get to talk to them or if they are in a car at a stoplight you can reach out to them in this section of Craigslist.

After looking at it one day, I noticed something about a woman at our local Kohl’s the ad said: We talked about Christmas shopping, dinner with family, and touched on work as we were both leaving Kohl's. After we left, I wondered why I didn't ask to see you. Get in touch!  So, thinking my mom was at Kohl’s that day I asked her jokingly, did you meet a guy at Kohl’s on Monday and talk about Christmas shopping? She was like no, I didn’t; I wasn’t even at Kohl’s on Monday, why what is going on? I proceeded to tell her about the missed connection section on Craigslist. She was like so, these people think they will find someone by posting about them on Craigslist and hope that the person they are looking for goes on there? I was like I guess so mom. It’s kinda creepy in my opinion.  I think if you want to talk to someone talk to them, don’t post about them on Craigslist in some stalker-like fashion. I know I personally wouldn’t be flattered if some guy wrote about me like that. I don’t care who the person was. I would run for the hills as fast as I could. I also personally don’t like to be approached by strangers that are interested in me. I hate being put on the spot and don’t want to be rude, maybe it’s because I am shy or something.

 I don’t think that if I happen to go to the store at the same time as someone else, there is some kind of fate there. I believe that I needed something from the store and so did they. I don’t believe that those “missed connections” are a potential soul mate. I guess I believe, everything happens for a reason within reason. Of course I believe in fate and all that, just under the right circumstance or every person you came in contact with would be potentially the love of your life, which would stink if you worked at a counter job or was like a mail carrier.

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  1. I never look on Craigs list, other than the For Sale section, but I guess people writing those things, just couldn't get up the courage to make a move at the moment and kicked themselves later. Making a post on Craigslist in hopes the person might see it, is better than doing nothing I guess.