Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noah's Drawing of Me

Noah decided to draw a picture of me. I am amazed at what a great artist Noah is. I think it looks like me. At first I thought it was an abstract picture of me, as a worm but then I realized that I am raising my hand. Noah had sent me to jail the day before for putting his beloved stuffed animal in the freezer.  He also took me to court. My then four year  now five year old plays court.  He knows that if you go to jail you have to go to court.  Not because his mom has gone to jail or court but just from watching Judge Shows, since he was in my tummy. We watched court shows when he was a day old in the hospital.  When Noah took me to court, the “victim” of my crime was the judge.  How is that for a not so fair trial?  I was sworn in and I raised my right hand. I was able to escape a life sentence by saying I am sorry.

                                                Defendant being sworn in to court at trial.
I decided the picture Noah drew of me was actually a court sketch artist’s drawing of me being sworn in.