Monday, September 26, 2011

Mommy, My Lightbulb is Burnt Out Again

Noah and I both have ceiling fans in our bedrooms. They were purchased and later put in by my aunt and uncle who are the absolute best at these kinds of things. Well I have noticed that the light bulbs in them seem to burn out quickly, more quickly than any other light bulb in our house. It might be because they are both on all the time. I like to sleep with my light on, it makes me feel safe, and so I can see what is going on. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of the dark per say, it’s just a comfort thing.  I hate changing the ceiling fan light bulbs.   When I put my furniture in my room, my bed was placed in a spot to where I could stand on my bed to change the light bulb. The glass dome is such a pain in the butt to put back on, because you have to do it in such a way so the glass dome doesn’t fall off.  Sometimes it takes me a while to put it back on right.  It is really annoying.

Noah’s light is the one that you have to stand on a chair to change, well that means I have to carry a chair upstairs from the dining room that always makes me nervous. Then it is a series of up and down because I don’t have eight hands.  Sometimes, I wish I did, when I have to do twelve things at once.  I absolutely hate when Noah’s light bulb burns out. I have only had the light bulb get stuck and come apart once and it was mine. I was able to get it out with a pair of pliers after the power was turned off. Recently, Noah’s light bulb burned out at 8 pm.  I had ordered dinner out so I was waiting for the delivery guy to bring me my food. They had been early the last two times so the last thing I wanted to do was be standing on a chair trying to mess with changing a light bulb.  So, Noah was up in his room waiting for me.  I gobbled down my wedge fries and cheese, before changing his light bulb.  It was still light outside so it wasn’t dark in his room. He pretty much hung out in the hallway.

After I finished I was ready to tackle the job. I am sure you are all like what’s the big deal and your minds are filling up with how many so and so’s does it take to change a light bulb jokes.  I got the dome off fairly easily between telling Noah to please leave his room, in case I drop something or fall.  I changed the light bulb and I got down to test it before I put the dome on.  The light bulb worked fine. I had put the dome on it.  I told Noah, who usually remembers everything to remind me about the chain because I wrapped around the fan. Well, after getting the dome on for like 5 minutes, I turned on his fan, while out of the room to make sure the dome was securely on. I always tug on it to make sure, but it is an extra step. I didn’t remove the chain and bam the light went out. I was not happy, Noah said mommy remember the chain. I was like thanks honey, thinking why didn’t you tell me that before I turned the fan on. Of course I didn’t say that, just thought it. 

So, I bring the chair back in, get back up there and take the dome off and change the light bulb. It doesn’t work. I try another one, it doesn’t work. I am like I wonder if I blew a fuse. So, I go out to the garage, and locate the power box and none of the switches were flipped. I couldn’t read the scribbles of the person who did the electrical work in my house.  I didn’t know what to do. At this point I decided to try two more light bulbs and surprise surprise none of them worked.  I had no clue what to do. I asked Noah if he would sleep with flashlights. He was fine with it.  I was texting my friend Brandy and I was asking her what it could be. Neither of us had any idea. I started replaying it in my mind, then I was like I wonder if it pulled the chain by turning the light out.  Sure enough that is what it was.  It had to be. I was texting anyone who might have an idea, of what was going on.  Eventually after a forty five minute ordeal, the light was working and Noah was in bed. 

I do think there is something wrong with the light, because it isn’t as bright as it used to be. Maybe I broke the dimmer feature.  Not that I use it, and it is still bright enough.   It’s always something!

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