Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Healthy Family

Thankfully we are a pretty healthy family. I don’t really get too sick, I did have the flu like 5 times last year, but I think that was stress related.  That was the first time I had the flu in a few years, and I have never had a flu shot.  Noah is healthy as well.  Just so you know I banged my foot on my wooden head board so we both don’t wake up with the Mongolian bird flu in the morning.  I feel really lucky that we hardly ever get sick compared to some of my friends families, who it seems like every other week another family member is sick with something. I am not sure if it is luck or if we are just not around a bunch of people all the time. I work from home and Noah has never been in daycare so, that might play a big role in it. We are also avid hand washers and seem to have very healthy immune systems.

As I am writing this I am reminded of my Grandma Diana, who was a very cautious woman who would say things like mind this and mind that. She was one of those people who was overbearing and the type of person who would freak out about germs. I remember if I was sick or had been sick with anything I wouldn’t be able to be around my cousin Alex. Alex wasn’t medically fragile by any means, where I could totally understand, she was just really overbearing.  I don’t see myself being like that because soon Noah will be going to school and being around other children.  I would like to get an IQ Air purifier to use when there are germs present or maybe just to have all the time to clear out any odors from the cats or any pollutants that might enter my home through an open window or door.

Do you have an air purifier? What are some other tips to keeping your family safe from pollutants and germs in your home?


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