Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football and Soccer vs Donut and Crumpet

Noah turned 5 on September 6th while we were on board of The Disney Dream.  My dad sent him some wonderful presents for his birthday using One of the things in the box was a pump for his football. I was confused for a minute, because the ball was round. I told Noah what the pump was and what it was for.  I said for your football. He opened his present and it was a soccer ball. Not to confuse Noah I said oh look a soccer ball, how cool is that? I keep forgetting that in England, soccer is called football. I had a similar confusion when my dad said something about getting a World Cup Football. I was thinking isn’t the World Cup hockey, no wait that is the Stanley Cup. World Cup is soccer. Now cue Mrs. Doubtfire saying something about how soccer is called football in England. Mystery solved. 

My dad also sent a really cool Crayola Color Explosion 3-d thing. You use a thing that looks like a glue stick and you rub it on the black paper and it shows a picture and you can “color” it.  Noah used the first stick coloring like crazy. He is now mad at me because I want to save the other stick for another day.  I love this dad, because its  not messy at all. It would be a great thing to have for traveling.  Thank you so much for all of Noah’s gifts. We love you!

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