Friday, September 16, 2011

Come On Betty!

Let’s talk about Bettys. Of course some of the famous Bettys are Betty Grabel, Betty Rubble, and Betty White. All of them are awesome in their own way. Let me introduce you to my newest Betty. Her given name is Bingo Betty. Noah and I went on a Disney Cruise on The Disney Dream. The first night we were on the cruise, I dropped off Noah at the Oceaneer Club to play. I decided since I was all alone, I would check out the Navigator, which was a daily calendar of the day’s events. After a conversation with my mom about if there was a casino on board, she asked me if I was going to play Bingo. As I have mentioned before I had never played bingo in person except in school. I kept waiting for the text message to pick up Noah right away. I hadn’t received one and it had been over an hour. So, I decided I would walk down to the D lounge and find out about playing Bingo.

It was the first session of the cruise and of course knowing my luck, I was the one who was called up on stage to check that Betty had all the balls to play. I was insanely shy. It ended up being a good thing because I broke out of my shell some. I received a gift of a Disney Cruise Line water bottle. At first I was thinking, oh “wow” like I don’t want this…. but believe it or not, it was actually very useful and I used it a lot. The drink stations were on deck 11 and we were on deck 7 and so I would fill it with Coke and take it back to the room. They had milk on tap as I called it, so Noah was able to drink a lot of milk on the cruise which is something you don’t always get to do on a vacation.

I had to go pick up Noah in the middle of Bingo, I was able to bring him back with me and we were able to play together. He wasn’t too sure about the game, all the people and the loud announcer and his really corny jokes. All the bingo crew were really nice and always talked to Noah and made him feel special. After the first Bingo session, Noah was hooked. He kept asking to go to Bingo. We went to almost all the sessions on the cruise. It was so much fun. I was loud and obnoxious, which you don’t see often. I wasn’t ridiculous but I was shouting out the things they told us to say, and hooting and hollering. I noticed that Noah was too. He was so loud sometimes I would have to tell him to quiet down. We won one game of Bingo, it was a split pot but it was just a much fun I wasn’t upset the other times we didn’t win. The entertainment crew was awesome. I love their personalities and one of the crew members, Chris was in a British Band called The Spice Studs. I googled it and there was nothing on Google. I really wanted to hear the band.

When we would leave Noah would say come on Betty, which is what you say when you want her to give you your numbers. Noah and I had a blast playing bingo and will remember the following probably forever.

B1 is the baby of Bingo and they play a really creepy baby laugh. It’s disturbing

B9 is the seagulls

I22 are the ducks

074 is the Grandma of Bingo

B11 is the crew’s favorite number. I am not exactly sure why but they start dancing.
There is pretty much something for every ball called, plus sound effects. So, I recommend playing bingo it is fun. We had a good luck charm. It was a light up dolphin named dolphin. It worked because the first time we brought it, we won. I know I will be one of those little old ladies playing bingo with 7 good luck charms every Saturday night.

Have you ever played bingo in real life for money? Did you have fun? Did you win?

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