Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check out For All Your Coffee Needs

When I am buying my mom a gift for a special occasion, I usually include some coffee. My mom loves to drink coffee, so I know that she really appreciates a bag of gourmet coffee to drink. I would consider her a coffee snob, because she is picky when it comes to what she drinks. When we went to visit my aunt and uncle in California, I received an email from my aunt asking me about coffee makers and coffee.  She wanted to get my mom the best coffee for our stay. She ended up getting some at the store so she could pick out the flavor she wanted.  It is similar to asking someone what they want for dinner a week or two in advance.

I would love to own a Gaggia Classic Espresso machine from Roaste.  Roaste  is a gourmet coffee marketplace, selling coffee beans from coffee roasters from around the world. Coffee is delivered to the customer's home. Offering also includes coffee makers and espresso machines.  The site also includes a coffee community, featuring coffee news, coffee recipes and other articles.   I had a job in a bakery where I would make the hot drinks. It was my favorite part, of the job. I would love to be able to have guests over and offer them the hot beverage of their choice. It would eliminate the task of going to a coffee shop and paying those outrageous prices for a grande mocha cappuccino.  It would be nice to have more options than black, cream and sugar.

I love entertaining so it would be a great investment for me. I love when my family gets together and we talk about the Good Old Days. My aunt found old records from 1930’s of my grandpa and my great grandparents. My great grandpa is playing the fiddle. It was so neat to hear them after all these years.  I would also love to have some of the Hario V60 products to go along with the Gaggia Classic. I’d like the Hario V60 Ice- Coffee Maker Fretta to have iced coffee drinks for those summer months when the air conditioner is constantly on and you feel like if you go outside you will melt.  It would be great for those days where you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, not literally of course.

What is your favorite coffee drink? I look forward to your responses

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