Saturday, September 17, 2011

Castaway Cay and The Crab Race

                                             This picture was taken from our private verandah.

When we were on the Disney Dream, Noah and I did so many activities. One of the days we went to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Cay is pronounced key; because that is the way it is spelled in the Bahamas. Castaway Cay was not only beautiful but a lot of fun. Before we left I decided to look at the excursions. I found a glass bottom boat ride that I thought Noah and I would love. It was going to be on his birthday after all. I excitedly called my mom to see what she would think. I wasn’t 100% sure that Noah would like it. We both agreed that he would. I went to order tickets and my heart sank they only had one ticket for each ride. Obviously, we couldn’t take turns going. I decided to check later to see if there was any openings. I didn’t realize that I couldn’t check merely a couple days before we set sail. I decided to maybe check when we were on board, hoping while not getting my hopes up. We went to the Port Adventures desk and they had lots of tickets for the Glass Bottom Boat ride. Just a tip if you are doing a Port Adventure, do it later in the day because we almost missed ours. I planned on going back to the ship and getting our tickets and my digital camera before. Well, we didn’t make it back to the ship before. More about that in a little bit.

Noah’s favorite thing of the whole cruise was The Crab Race. One of the Bingo people told Noah about it and he wanted to race a crab. So, we promptly went to the gazebo and talked to the crew to find out information. I wanted to know how much the crab race cost, what it was, etc. I was very excited when I found out it was free. There were all kinds of free activities on the cruise, but there were some with an expense. We were crab #1 and Noah named our crab Pet Crab. Since you probably don’t know what a crab race is, I will explain it to you. There are two big circles on pavement and all the hermit crabs are let go and the first one to the outer circle wins. It is pretty goofy, but so much fun. They have four races. The first race Pet Crab came in second. In the second race, Pet crab was the winner. After the four races, they take the winners and have The International Crab Race Championship. You might have seen it on ESPN and ESPN 2. Well, Pet Crab was all ready to win; he took off his little crabby robe and was ready to crawl. Pet Crab is the Champion of The International Crab Race Championship. Noah was so proud, he told everyone about winning. We even won a few prizes, as if the title wasn’t enough. I took some pictures so we could commemorate the occasion.

Next we went to The Family Beach. Noah and I could have played in the water all day. It was beautiful. It was shallow, but not too shallow to where I couldn’t enjoy myself too. We had a lot of fun being able to splash about. It’s hard to explain. I would just occasionally float a long. Noah was wearing a float vest so I felt better about letting him roam a little. We had an underwater camera that we took in the ocean with us. I can’t wait to see those pictures. We ended up staying in the water too long, to where we had to scarf down our lunch to make it to the glass bottom boat. I was able to get a receipt for the tickets that were locked in the safe in our room. The Glass Bottom boat wasn’t exactly what I pictured but it was still really cool. The water was really choppy so I had to sit down most of the time, but I could still see. We saw lots of fish. We even fed the fish oatmeal. I had never seen so many tropical fish. When we got off the glass bottom boat, I decided it was time to go back to the ship. We were both covered in sand so we had to rinse off in the outside showers. We made it back to the room and got something to drink and just relaxed while I took a shower to remove all the extra sand. Castaway Cay was awesome. I can’t wait to go back someday.

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