Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Special Surprise at The Freedom Festival.

We went to our local Freedom Festival, we go every year. This year it was a little different. Sure we went around and collected all the branded freebies we wanted. We went to the Children’s activity tent, where Noah was able to make some really cool crafts, since he wasn’t in a stroller anymore. He doesn’t use a stroller anymore which is such a great thing because his stroller was pretty much a pain in times like this when there are a ton of people in a tent full of booths. It was really nice not to have to try and maneuver it while attempting not to smash people while enjoying the events. Noah was able to make a chain of beads that he strung all by himself. It was supposed to be a necklace but he said necklaces are for girls so I made it just a string and attached a car that he colored on to it. He made a foam picture frame that can be put on the fridge. He had a great time.

We were walking and we saw this thing on a truck. I read the banner and it said something about 9/11. I couldn’t figure out what it was, I thought maybe it was a coffin or something because it had a flag draped over it, but it didn’t really look like one. I asked my mom what it was. She knew. It was a part of The World Trade Center. When my brain registered what she said, I just started crying. My body was covered in goosebumps and my hair was standing straight up. I couldn’t speak. I was so overwhelmed with emotion. It was like wow. I didn’t know what to do or say. I just stared at it and thought about all the lives lost, what a tragedy it was and still is. I thought about all the families that lost loved ones. I was just in awe. I have only been to New York once. It was back in 1997 I believe. So, I wasn’t prepared for this. When you go somewhere like Ground Zero, you are prepared for the emotions. You know you are going to be sad. You understand what is going on. I guess when it totally blindsides you like this you just don’t know it’s there.

I can’t get the image out of my head and the great loss it was and is to our country. It was right there, I was seeing it with my own eyes. It wasn’t on TV, or a picture on my computer or a photograph, I could reach out and touch it. It was real. When something tragic happens, it is no doubt sad, but you don’t fully understand how sad until you see it with your own eyes in real life. It solidifies it, and makes it more real. They are building a monument to 9/11 with two pieces of The World Trade Center in downtown Indianapolis. It will resemble The Twin Towers, it looks like it will be a beautiful and amazing tribute to September 11 th and all the lives that were lost.


  1. Hey...kinda know what you mean. That first trip we made seemed so surreal. Two years ago, my third time back to NYC since 9/11, we stayed at the Millenium Hilton. Our room actually overlooked ground zero. We could see into the foundation of where the twin towers were. It was kind of like looking into the heart of evil. I didnt sleep on this trip. Every time I fell asleep it was always about all the pain that our country and our people suffered on that day. Whenever I think about leaving my job, my home state, or not knowing about what is next...I remind myself that this is what mike and our military is fighting for. This is what our country and our future is about, ensuring that nothing like the tragedy on 9/11 ever happens again! Julie

  2. Things are much more real when you're up close to them. ;-)

  3. Thats definitely a cool piece, it will be interested what the tribute looks like! t

    Thanks for sharing Sheila :)