Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kids Do The Darnest Things

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I absolutely love this picture of Noah and his dog Gordon. He received him from his Aunt Julie for his first Christmas. He had a matching outfit and everything. He used to chew on him until he was soaking wet. I mean so wet you could wring it out. He did that to a lot of his special toys though. This picture was taken on his first trip to Florida in our hotel room. Noah is just so cute. You can see how even at 8 months old he was full of personality and was always smiling. I love his facial expression in this picture. This is definitely one of those priceless moments I happened to get on camera.

I often wondered if his stuffed toys were sprinkled with something that tasted good because he was always chewing on them. I wasn’t going to find out though. It gives me creeps even thinking about it. I literally just got the chills as I thought about biting down on stuffing and toy material. I am sure it was just because he was a baby and he loved chewing on things. He would chew on them so much that they would fur would get hard from being wet from his drool. Man, Noah was a drooler. I would end up covered in it. It’s ok though because just sometimes when we were laughing and playing really hard I would kind of drool on him back. I didn’t drool anywhere near as much as he did. I didn’t have a bib that said world’s best mommy. I like to think that drool is the way a baby kisses you, they can’t really kiss yet so it is the same basic principle. I spent a lot of time looking at many baby pictures of Noah today and this was one of my favorites.

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