Friday, July 29, 2011

A Bargain Hunter’s Pick:

You know those times when you really go out of your way to find that shop that gives the best deals which make all your efforts worth it? Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to squeeze into crowds of hagglers or tread some back alley to find a great bargain, you just need to type in the following letters in your address bar:

Diamonds are notoriously expensive, and I think everyone is already well aware of that fact. But for the gentleman who wishes to propose to his woman, for the jewelry aficionado wanting to acquire another potential heirloom, or for the fashionista who is looking to dazzle, backing down is not an option. The only question in their minds would be “How much?”

Everyone wants to get their money’s worth and perhaps more, and this is exactly what you are going to get at These guys are somewhat of a well-kept secret; they’ve been around for almost 2 decades now and have amassed a small following of loyal customers, but their prices are definitely at par or lower than most of the big names in online jewelry shopping.

Their Low Price Guarantee is possibly the only thing you’ll need to be convinced. Brilliance specializes in diamond engagement rings, and their Solitaire and Preset rings are very competitively priced, but their Low Price Guarantee effectively assures you that they’ll match the price of the same item found elsewhere.

At this price, you get not only the item you had in mind, you also get additional complementary services for free. Brilliance’s Free Complementary Shipping and their stylish Lacquered Gift Box is a particularly classy touch, while their 30 Day Returns, Lifetime Warranty and Upgrades and Free Ring Resizing are signs that you are buying from an esteemed retailer.

All of their certified loose diamonds are conflict free, as Brilliance’s is a staunch supporter of the Kimberly Process. They only sell diamonds and gems which have been mined in an ethically and environmentally conscious manner. This means that while every item you purchase from Brilliance is definitely a steal, you still get to enjoy it guilt-free!

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