Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sheilacakes Confession: My TV is on My Dresser

I have thought about getting a new TV for my room. I would like to get a flat screen one that would hang on my wall because I don’t have any TV furniture. My TV in my room sits on my dresser.  I am not really sure if I would have a place to hang it on the wall though that wouldn’t require a complete makeover of my room. I have a pretty big dresser in my room and I also have two bookcases and Noah’s chest of drawers. I wouldn’t really know how to move all my furniture so it would still look good.  It really doesn’t bother me that it is on my dresser; it has been on there for years. I am just not sure what to do if this TV decides to not work anymore. It is pretty old, since it used to be my sisters. 

My TV downstairs is a good sized TV and it is in a really nice entertainment center. I remember the day it was delivered. I don’t really care for moving people, delivery people etc.  I also was planning on taking Noah with me to go hang out with my friend and her daughter that is the same age as Noah. We were going to observe her son at preschool.  I really like my entertainment center. It is beautiful, the only problems with it are the bottom shelves didn’t stay well and they kept falling down and that they delivered the wrong tower so the door opens the wrong way.  It’s nothing noticeable unless you study it, but it is still a great piece either way.

When I think about  a TV stand I think about being at my Grandparent’s house. They had a big one that sat in the little hallway between the family room and kitchen. You could turn the TV to face in the kitchen or the family room depending on where you wanted to sit. One of my favorite spots was sitting in the little hallway. My Grandparents had a little penguin candle with its own little igloo. I loved it. I still have it somewhere.  I would constantly play with it when I was at my grandparents. I am sure my sister and I used to fight over it. One of us, I can’t remember who now, was turning the TV and the TV stand fell over. No one was hurt but it poked a hole in the wall and I think we got in trouble for it.  I felt horrible and the penguin candle was lost for months.  I am not sure what happened to it, but I was so excited to be reunited with it.  I didn’t touch the TV stand for a long time after that. 

What are your TV's on? Do you have something fancy or something simple like I do for my bedroom TV?


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