Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make a Difference with

Giving back to others is very important to me. I know that I always try to give back when  I can, I have been the recipient of a good deed. I have also done good deeds for others. I think that giving to charity is really important because unfortunately there are people that don’t have as much as you do. Things that we take for granted like TV, the occasional meal at a fast food restaurant, or more important things like shelter or clean water. There is an awesome site called, where you can start foundations to support the causes of your choice. I was able to put in my zip code and find local charities. Many of them I haven’t heard of. So, if you want to support a local cause you are able to find which ones are in your area. You can choose whatever ones that appeals to you. Maybe you have a cause that is dear to you, and has affected your life you are able to donate. I love this idea. Everyone knows about the main charities, but not always the local ones.

I found out there is an organization for ducks.  Ducks Unlimited stands today as a global force in wetlands and wildlife conservation. DU''s conservation programs have evolved and expanded over the years to address the habitat needs of waterfowl and other wildlife on ever changing landscapes. Today, DU and our many partners utilize space-age technology and cutting-edge research to conserve habitat as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  I think that is awesome that people are looking out for the ducks. My son and I enjoy the ducks on our pond and we love seeing the baby ducks each year. If it weren’t for Ducks Unlimited the ducks might not be there.

You can find so many charities and causes on I hope you check it out and start your own foundation and donate to those who are in need. All of the charities are tax deductible.


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