Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Better World Facebook App Review

Everyone is on Facebook. One of the coolest features besides being able to find old friends and keep in touch with family is the apps. There are so many of them, there is all kinds of games, horoscopes, television apps. I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook talking to my friends and playing some games. I have found some really cool games and some really boring ones that I only played once. I had the opportunity to try out a game on Facebook called A Better World. I really like A Better World because it is a game about doing good deeds. There are so many games online about shooting and fighting, so I love that A Better World is one of those positive games. I think that it could inspire people to do good deeds in real life.

Here is the official press release about A Better World:

A Better World, a Facebook game that rewards players not just for in-game activities but also for real world acts of kindness and expressions of gratitude, has soared to more than 120,000 players.

Popular with women, A Better World, adds a new layer of social activity to casual gaming. Gameplay activities are designed to help everyone who participates feel better about themselves, be supportive of others and make positive choices in their everyday lives. Players also can play mini games with inspirational themes; personalize their own characters and spaces in the game and play with and care for virtual pets.

The game offers more than 15 locations for community members to explore, including the:

• Department of Do Good – A place you can share real world good deeds you’ve performed and see what other members of the community have done

• Gratitude Grotto – A charming area where you can reveal what you are thankful for and express your support for messages left by others

• Sanctuary of Hope – A building where you can communicate your hopes and dreams and send encouragement to other players

• Arcade – A play area with uplifting mini-games to enjoy alone or with friends

• A new feature is the Better Pets Pet Shop, filled with adorable puppies, cute kittens or even a magical unicorn

A Better World was created by ToonUps, a digital entertainment company that has focused on developing digital content that encourages a positive outlook and altruistic behavior for more than a decade.

ToonUps hopes A Better World’s original approach could usher in a new genre of “do good gaming.” Research shows that being encouraged to think about things they are thankful for and doing activities that provide encouragement to others improves their mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

I enjoyed playing A Better World. It was really cool to see my friends houses were in my neighborhood. We are so far away in real life it is pretty neat that we are so close together in the game. I don’t have to hunt for them, they are all there. I had fun designing my character. I normally make characters to look like me. So, no crazy hair or outfits for me, I found an outfit that was similar to something I own. I even named my character Sheila. I have spent some time looking around the game and I really like the message and how much fun it is. It did take me a little bit to figure out the game. I must have hit invite friends a half a dozen times, when I didn’t want to invite anyone at that time. I hope you check it out and let me know what you think.

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I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better World. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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