Sunday, June 12, 2011

Always Do the Right Thing

It is always important to always do the right thing. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how much you will benefit from it. You have to do the right thing in all situations.  I am teaching Noah to always do the right thing.  Recently, I wanted to order my salami and I waited until I had a coupon code, which happened to be the same day I was able to order more.  I put in a coupon code I received from the company on a post card and I couldn’t remember if it was the same one I used before as I have ordered from there a couple times. I remembered I had. So I closed their website and went to do other things. When I got their newsletter, I was so excited, I had a feeling that I should wait that morning. I put in the coupon code and was ready to check out. I noticed that the website had taken forty-two dollars off my order, making it $2.50 before the shipping.  I knew that had to be a mistake.  I immediately emailed them and told them what happened. I waited about ten minutes after I emailed and decided I should call them. I didn’t want it to get on a deal site or a coupon site and end up costing them big money.

I really don’t like talking on the phone unless I know you really well because I get really nervous. I sucked it up and called anyways. Last thing I would want is a company that I really like to have to go out of business. After all they have my salami and are a great company to order from. I was really nervous as I explained what was going on and they were very thankful that I caught their mistake and told them about it.  They are a company that really strives on great customer service and I wanted to do the right thing. I used this as a learning experience for Noah and how it is important to do the right thing.  It is my job to teach him these things. We talk about the right thing and the wrong thing to do.  I always try and do the right thing. If something isn’t rung up right where I wasn’t charged for something I will say something.  I would hate to see someone have to pay for something or feel the guilt of doing the wrong thing.

Sometimes it is easier, and more beneficial not say anything, but to me personally I rather go the extra mile and do the right thing. I am the example my son has and I want him to always do the right thing too.


  1. it is important to do the right thing. yes. I don't know as though I would have actually gone as far as you did with this whole coupon line thing though honestly .... I probably wouldn't have even noticed it actually. I would have more than likely thought "wow the deal was better than I thought or something" because I kinda am preoccupied when I do discount things online ;-) But yes we are who teach our children, they learn from their parents and any other consistent adult in their lives.

  2. What a great lesson. And a great thing for you to do! We need more people like you!!

  3. That is great…you are doing the right thing and being a good example.

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