Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Old Sleigh Bed

When I was younger, I always wanted a sleigh bed. I always thought sleigh beds looked really cool. I absolutely loved the style of them. They reminded me of Cleopatra or something a queen would have. I was in high school when I finally got one. It was just a twin bed, so it wasn’t as cool as a big one. I loved sleeping in that bed. It looked so cool. The only thing I didn’t like was it was a twin sized bed so I was always afraid I would fall out of it. It also would be a pain when I had a friend spend the night because they would either have to sleep on the couch or on the floor. Two people cannot fit comfortably on a twin bed without knocking someone out. The couch was really comfortable but you never get the same quality sleep on a couch. It doesn’t matter how comfortable the couch is, it is just more restrictive. I sleep in the middle of my bed now. I think it is the most comfortable place to sleep. I have a lot of room on each side of me. I remember falling out of that bed a few times. It was not fun at all. As much as I loved the bed I was so happy to finally get a bigger bed where I could stretch out.

I have thought about getting another sleigh bed, because I love the style. The twin one I had was cherry with a seashell on the headboard. It was really pretty but I think a mahogany sleigh bed would be great in a guest bedroom. I think that mahogany is a beautiful wood and it would be the perfect addition to any guest bedroom. It would be great to have a room for family and friends to stay when they come visit. I have family all over the US and I would love to have them come for a visit and not have to worry about checking in to a hotel nearby. I feel like when you have to go back to a hotel it cuts in to the time that you have to spend together vs. just going to bed. Hopefully someday soon I will have a guest bedroom set up and a nice room for my guests.

I think it is important to have good quality bedroom furniture. I want it to last a long time and be sturdy too. I know it is more expensive but if it lasts a long time then you won’t have to spend more to replace it. Think of it as an investment. Bedroom furniture can be passed down to your children or even your grandchildren. My mom has the dresser, headboard, and hi-boy that she and my dad purchased a long time ago. I am not exactly sure how old it is, but it is the furniture I can remember when I was a little girl. My sister had it for a while, I think I had it for a while and now it is back in my mom’s use. It has to be at least twenty-five years old, although I think it is quite a bit older. It is still in great shape too. When I look at it, I remember the times I was sick and was laying in my mom’s bed, when my sister and I used to jump up and look in the top drawers of the hi-boy, when my sister and I used to look for our Christmas presents. It’s funny how you can look at an old piece of furniture and remember so many wonderful memories.


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