Friday, May 27, 2011

I Really Need a Carpet Cleaner

As a mom to a very active four year old boy, who tends to be a little on the messy side, my carpets are not in the best condition. Throw in two cats that are very old and you have pretty much a disaster. I am of course exaggerating a little, but my carpets are stained.  It is normal for a home to have stains on the carpet after living there for a few years, no matter who you are. Most of them are dirt stains.   I have noticed though with Noah the stains are more frequent and are always interesting substances from anything to dirt to juice to apple sauce.  He is really good about eating in the breakfast area.  We occasionally do camp outs, or he gets to eat in the family room and play restaurant as he likes to call it. 

At times, I spill things too. I think everyone spills sometimes.  Usually it is some food that is pretty messy to begin with.  I remember one time I decided to eat spaghetti on my bed, because I was watching a friends web show and I ended up spilling half the plate of food on my bed.  No use crying over spilled milk or spilled food.  So, there comes a time when you need to use a carpet cleaner.  We don’t own one so we rent one from the store.  It does an ok job. I would love to own my own though because lugging those carpet cleaners are a pain. They are heavy and always hard to fit in your car. I would love not to have to go to the store and borrow one and then bring it back.  I have tried stain removers and haven’t really had much luck with them. Once I knocked over a candle. It wasn’t burning, thank goodness.  It did however stain my carpet when part of the wick came off.  I was able to get that out fairly easily.  Not everyone has carpet in their homes, but I really like the feeling of nice soft carpet on my feet. 


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  1. Yeah I need a carpet cleaning too... This blog post came up in email feed as " Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ..."

    Which is odd .. normally I can read like the first sentence. Which is what made me click over and read this. Just wanted to let ya know, IDK what's causing it. Will pull yesterdays or last feed I got and see if it did the same thing, haven't checked email in couple of days!

    I heard of a home made carpet shampooing and I am going to look into that, may be fun! lol