Friday, April 29, 2011

Garage Sale Tracker's Special Features

Its spring, so it is time to kick off one of my favorite things about spring and summer, garage sale time. When I was little, my Grandma Diana would always take my sister and I to garage sales. We were always able to pick out a toy or two from the garage sales that we went to. I loved it, and I think that is when I found my love for garage sales. I think it is so cool to go and look at what people don’t want anymore and sell for really cheap. I have found some great finds at garage sales, but nowhere near as great as things that my dad has found. He found a bunch of baseballs for a dollar each and they ended up being worth a lot more than that. I really enjoy loading Noah up in his wagon and wandering around our neighborhood and looking at what my neighbors are selling.

We normally just stick to our neighborhood because we haven’t really a way to find other garage sales to go to. They used to be listed in the paper and now it seems like they aren’t really in there anymore. When I was pregnant with Noah I used to drive around with a friend looking for garage sales, but with gas being over four dollars a gallon, that just isn’t an option anymore. I found a really cool website called Garage Sale Tracker. It is a free website where you can find garage sales in your area. I am sure there are other websites out there like Garage Sale Tracker, but not with the special features.

I know sometimes you want to go to garage sales when you are visiting family, but really don’t know the area, Garage Sale Tracker has a Trip Planner to help it make it easier. I have lived in the same area for most of my life and honestly, I don’t know the names of all the streets in neighborhoods. I know enough to get around like the main streets, but I remember driving around in circles and wasting a lot of gas not really knowing exactly where I am going. Garage Sale Tracker’s trip planner will help me be able to find all those hidden gem garage sales. I am sure you have used a map website to get directions, but it really is a pain to type in all the addresses on mapping websites and it is so time consuming. I love that you don’t have to type any of the addresses to find where they are. Garage Sale Tracker does all the extra work for you. I like to think of it as my own personal garage sale tour guide or a concierge.

Do you remember those days when we had to actually write things down to know where we are going or to make a list of places we want to go to? Another feature Garage Sale Tracker has is a bookmark list. You can simply click on the bookmark this button and it will save it for you. You don’t have to write anything down, and if you see many garage sales you want to go to, you don’t have to try and remember them all. If you change your mind you can remove the book mark really easily too. After you decide where you want to go, you can use your bookmarks with the Trip planner to plan out your day of garage sales.

I don’t know how many times I have been out and then decide to go to garage sales, maybe it is because I saw one as I am driving by or sometimes just as something to do. I am obviously not going to go home and look for garage sales and I am probably not going to drive around looking for them, Garage Sale Tracker has an iPhone app just for this occasion! So, when the urge hits Garage Sale Tracker is with you and mobile. I know that for some people, garage sales are a serious business. Some people really get in to it and wake up early to be the first to be at a sale, especially if there is something they really want. Like the saying says, The early bird gets the worm or in this case the best items from a garage sale.

Check out Garage Sale Tracker and sign up for a FREE account. The sign up is really easy and this is such a helpful website.

Do you like to go to Garage Sales? What is the best item you found at one?


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