Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy Crib Adventures

When we were moving back from Florida, I decided to get another crib, because it we hadn’t had the opportunity to take all our furniture back with us. I thought maybe Noah would just sleep in his play pen for a couple weeks but, he climbed out of it. I had bought the crib at Target. I ended up getting one of those convertible cribs because it was less expensive. While my son’s other one was in another state. THREE WEEKS after I had purchased the crib the real problems started. It was a very stormy night. The power kept going out and there was a really bad storm going on. So I go in my son’s room to check on him and make sure he isn’t scared. Then I see some chunks of wood missing from the crib. My son at the time was one years old. I freak out. I am wondering what is going on with the crib. Did my son swallow the wood? Should I call 911? I had no clue what in the world was going on. There were chunks missing all over the crib.

I was furious with the crib company. I mean they have to figure that a child is going to chew on it. They should have made it safe for them to do so and not end up with splintered wood in their stomachs. I called the crib company that morning and they were not much help. I was so frustrated and upset that I spent the whole call crying. They told me to mail them the baby crib back on my dime. Then they would send me a check. I told them no. I wasn’t going to pay for their problem. I tried to call Target and I didn’t get much help from them either. They told me to call the crib company. So I went around and around in circles.

I ended up “ghetto covering” the holes with diapers and electrical tape. It seemed to work. My other crib was coming really soon. So I stuck it out. I didn’t sleep much that week. A few days before that ( I think its been a while) my son’s leg got stuck in the bars of the crib, not a little stuck but completely. It was past his knee. My son has fat thighs. So, I call the hospital and ask them what to do. I tried oil and lotion. They told me I could call the fire department or the police and explain the situation and have them come rescue him.

My friend was on his way over to hang out. I was texting and talking to him on his way here. I thought I would wait until he was here before I did anything because it wasn’t like really dangerous as in an emergency. So my friend got here and took a look. I told him to break the crib if he had to just be careful of my son. My friend ended up pulling the bars enough for me to slide out my son’s leg. I was so happy that my baby was free. He did have a bump from the bars and being stuck but he was ok. He was still able to bounce. My friend became my knight in shining armor that night. He ended up telling his mom about it and would bring it up every time I saw him.

I ended up filling out the recall form online to let the people that are in charge of recalls know about my experience. The crib company ended up sending me a random crib. The crib they sent was never used because by that time I had Noah’s crib back. I had bad luck with baby cribs with Noah. I am thankful nothing happened to him though, so for that I am blessed.


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