Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planet Fassa: A New Children's Interactive Site

As a mom, I am always looking for fun and educational things for Noah to do. He has a love for learning and playing so, he is open to new ideas and games. He also likes to use my computer and play games, type, and listen to stories with me. I have noticed that there are a lot of great sites out there for him to use but, once we go to a site for a while he starts to get bored. Some of the sites are fun but are not too educational and all of the interaction is on the computer. Noah is a child that is extremely active and likes to do things where he is moving around and learning at the same time.

I came across a site that I instantly fell in love with called Planet Fassa. F-A-S-S-A stands for Fun, Activities, Stories, Service, Awards. Planet Fassa is an interactive website. I don’t mean that it is interactive because your child interacts with the just the website. Planet Fassa has a wide range of characters that go on different adventures within a series of books called “Fassa Tails”. Kids are challenged to get outside and participate in activities alongside the books’ characters. It encourages you and your child to turn off the computer and TV and do activities or nuggets as they are called on Planet Fassa. There are things to do pretty much everywhere. Inside or outside your home, the doctor’s office and even on an airplane, both the doctor’s office and the airplane are places where I wish I had ideas on what to do with Noah. I think a great place to use these activities on long car trips, which can be long and boring. A couple of the Nuggets that caught my eye are The 5 minute Quiet Game and The Last Year’s Smelly Underwear Game. The Village Members can make up their own challenges too. Each Nugget has a different number of points. There are heart points, brain points and body points. Some of the Nuggets only use two point categories but there are many that use all three. Your children will not be bored anymore. There are so many nuggets for your children to do. They also have story books that read to your children.

If you are a working parent, you can also log on during the day and see the type of activities your child did with Planet Fassa. When returning home, you can encourage your child to discuss these activities, giving families a wider range of conversation topics and helping them move beyond the usual “how was school today?” Parents can find a new way of communicating with their children and feel a part of their everyday activities.

I am sure you are wondering what does your child do with the points? I know I was wondering that. Your child can use it as a virtual allowance. They can use the points to do special things like go out to eat, go to the movies, and have a sleep over with a village member. Your child can also create wishes where their parent sets the amount of points on their account for the wish. It can be anything from going to the mall or getting a special item, which your child has been begging for. We all know most children have something they really want. I think that is a great way to play, learn and earn.

You can also invite your family members to join in the fun. They are Village Members. You could have your child’s grandma, aunt and uncle in the Village. They can also use the ideas and give rewards to your child. Your child can use their nuggets to do something special with another family member. I am sure Noah would love to make a wish of going fishing with his uncle Mike. I really think this website is really cool and I think that it will bring hours of fun for our family.

I hope you check out Planet Fassa with your kids and let me know what you think.

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