Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PixeBaby Mobile App Review

I think as a parent, it is normal to take a lot of pictures of your child. I have so many pictures of Noah. I am constantly taking them on my phone. I love to share pictures with friends and family. Most of my family lives in other parts of the country and only get to see us like once a year. So, really we have to rely on phones and pictures to communicate. I love sending pictures on my phone to people but it can get time consuming having to send them one at a time to each person.

I learned about an app called PixeBaby, that takes away some of the work of sharing pictures with loved ones. It will connect all the cameras of your friends and family that also has the app and you can get those precious pictures easily. It would be great for new parents that take pictures of everything like I did. It would be an easy way to show off your new bundle of joy. I know when I had Noah the family members that live far away had to wait until they received the birth announcement to see Noah’s little face. I know it took me about a week after I got home from the hospital to mail his announcements and so my family in California had to wait a while.

I really think PixeBaby is a cool app because I know that I would use it a lot. I would love to see more pictures of my cousin’s kids and with them growing up so fast. My sister and brother in law now live in South Carolina and I know they both miss Noah a lot. You can even create collages with the PixeBaby mobile app. I try and send her pictures of him as often as I can. It would let others cherish those precious memories. I hate being so far away from my family and I look forward to every time we can get together even if it is not that often.

This app is only 99 cents. What a great deal! That is so inexpensive for such a wonderful app. When you invite your friends and family to use the PixeBaby app they can download it for free!

The PixeBaby app is available for Android Phones with the iPhone app coming out soon.

To download the PixeBaby app for Android Phones visit HERE. PixeBaby is also coming soon to the iPhone App Store.


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  1. Sounds like a really cool app thanks for sharing!