Thursday, March 24, 2011

One of My Favorie Quotes

I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite quotes. It is from the movie The Prophecy with Christopher Walken. The Prophecy is one of my favorite movies. There are three Prophecy movies and the first is my favorite of them. This quote has a special meaning to me. I guess it sums up everything happens for a reason which I used to hate that saying and why does it happen. Especially after I miscarried my baby in 2003, I wanted to punch anyone in the face that said that to me. I also spent a lot of time wondering why. Why did this happen to me? I went to church and prayed and live a good life. I realized that it happened for a reason. I may never know the reason but there is one.

Here is the quote:
And in the end, I think it must be about faith, and if faith is a choice, then it can be lost - for a man, an angel, or the devil himself. And if faith means never completely understanding God's plan, then maybe understanding just a part of it - our part - is what it is to have a soul. And maybe in the end, that's what being human is, after all.

I think that it means, we can lose our faith and it is our choice, sometimes happen that make us want to stop trusting God, we might not know why something happened, but there is a reason. When we lose our faith we can always find it again, and we can know that God is always here for us, no matter what we say or do. I honestly think that God does not leave us, we leave God. We have to trust God in everything we do and what happens to us. You have to surrender everything to God and trust him completely. I know how hard that is to do.

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