Friday, March 25, 2011

I Saw the Mickey Mouse Club.

When I was younger, I think I was 12 maybe, my family went to Disney World and stayed at Port Orleans. I still remember going down the serpent water slide with my sister right behind me. One of the things we did was seeing The Mickey Mouse Club or The MMC. I remember talking to a very young Britney Spears, well she was my age. My sister and I both touched Justin Timberlake and I remember how cool we both thought that was even back then. There were all of those other kids that became famous when they were older too. I thought they were famous back then, but nowhere near as much as they are now.

It was Guest Day on The MMC. The guest was Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I remember how excited I was to get to see The MMC, the taping took a few hours and it was fun to see how the TV show worked. I still remember when they showed my sister and I shaking hands or high-fiving Justin Timberlake on TV. I was wearing my Lion King T-shirt. We used to have it on a video tape, which I am sure was taped over by an episode of Days of our Lives or something equally useless now. I scoured YouTube and watched the opening of the MMC elevenity billion times hoping for the video on You Tube. Unfortunately, the episode of the MMC with Tatyana Ali was not You Tube worthy. So, I couldn’t find it. I searched for hours, because I thought it would be cool to share with you all. I do have some pictures of the outsides. You weren’t allowed to take pictures while they were filming.

Have you ever seen a taping of a show? If so what one? I have always wanted to sit in Judge Judy’s courtroom but not as a plaintiff or a defendant though.

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