Monday, March 14, 2011

I Really Need New Glasses.

I think it is time for me to get new glasses. I have had the same ones since 2007. I got them when I was in Florida. Since I am nearsighted I have to get prescription eyeglasses. I know you are supposed to get an eye exam every year or every two years at the latest. I don’t think that my eyes have changed because I can still see fine when I am wearing them. If I don’t wear them I can’t see very far very well and I start squinting. Noah will say something when I am not wearing my glasses. He will ask me where they are or get them for me. I normally wear them all the time. So, it’s mornings when I haven’t put them on or if I have been chopping onions. When I chop onions the vapors get stuck in my glasses and it is always too late before I take them off. I have to ask someone to take them off for me. Sticking my onion fingers close to my eyes is a bad idea.

I keep meaning to make an eye appointment because I need a new pair. I would also like to get contacts for when I am out and still wear my glasses at home. I would like to get a different kind of frames this time. My last two pairs have been wire frames. I had the plastic frames when I was younger. I like to look online for glasses. I think it would be cool to order glasses from my home and not be limited to just the frames that are in the stores. I am sure it would be cheaper because you wouldn’t have to pay all the extra fees when buying them in the store. There have been a few times that I went to get frames where I had to wait to get them because they were not ready, which meant another trip to the eye doctor. When I got the eyeglasses I have now, my eye doctor was 30 minutes away, then I had to wait in line to be waited on and fitted. Noah was with me and it was not a pleasant experience to say the least. Noah was cranky and needed a nap. I was not really in the mood to ride in the car for a hour a few days after I was there.

I would love to not have to deal with that again. I like to go and get things done in one trip. I would really shop online for everything if I could, and have it sent to my house. When I do finally make it to the eye doctor, I will probably just get my prescription and buy my glasses from I have no idea how to read a glasses prescription so I would just send it to them and have their experts read it for me. They have a lot of designer frames that I could see myself wearing. They even have prescription sunglasses. I don’t wear sunglasses but I know I probably should start.

Do you wear glasses? Do you like to wear sunglasses? Do your kids wear glasses?

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  1. Go get some HOT glasses Mama! I love glasses, I think I need me some new ones but can't remember the script for them!