Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am Jack's Bot

If you know me at all, ever had interaction with me, you know how much I love the movie Fight Club. I have seen it a bajillion times. I know the whole movie by heart and love to quote it and tweet about it. I feel sorry for my friends like Brandy of Happily Blended because she has to deal with me all the time talking about it. When I found out she hates Fight Club, I was completely baffled. How can someone hate Fight Club? How can one of my dearest friends of all people hate Fight Club? It was almost terms for ending the friendship but I gave her a pass. Of course I am kidding but I just don’t understand. I would never sit down with my mom and watch it because I know she would hate it, but she is my mom. I just thought that everyone loves Fight Club because it’s Fight Club. I have known people that have never seen it and won’t. They are really missing out.

To be fair I have a faint memory of being at Blockbuster a long time ago and my friend or someone I dated, it’s been a while, asked me if I have seen it and I said no, don’t want to. I thought it was a boxing movie and I hated Snake Eyes. It wasn’t until a year or so later that my ex bought it at K-mart and had me sit down and watch it. I loved it, I watched it over and over. I demanded that I got to keep it when I kicked him out. I got to keep all my favorite movies because he kept his guitar. Fight Club is not about boxing and it is hardly about fighting. It is just like a small part of it. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It is brilliant. It is definitely a movie for adults. I wouldn’t recommend watching it with your children, it is very inappropriate for anyone under 17. They talk about Martha Stewart in it. You know how much I love Martha.

Shortly after joining Twitter and tweeting about Fight Club I noticed that I was getting replies from someone called Iamjacksbot. In the movie the narrator played by Edward Norton reads a series called I am Jack’s Colon; I am Jack’s Medulla Oblongata to name a few. He also uses I am Jack’s to describe how he is feeling in certain parts of the movie. IamJacksBot is an automated bot (I believe) that whenever anyone on Twitter mentions the words “Fight Club” it will tweet you a random quote from the movie. One day recently I wanted to mention IamJacksBot in a tweet and if you look at the top it will tell you who you follow that also follows someone. There is was…. Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart follows IamJacksbot on Twitter. She won’t follow me, but will follow the Fight Club bot.

I didn’t realize that Martha Stewart was such a big Fight Club fan. I mean Martha Stewart just doesn’t seem like she would be a fan or condone such a movie. I was floored. I guess Martha is an interesting person and created Whatever Martha where her daughter and friend made fun of her. I wish they would bring back that show. I loved it. The talk show is not very good in my opinion. I guess you can learn a lot of things about celebrities on Twitter. For the record it made me love Martha even more.
What do you think of Fight Club? Have you seen it? Its brilliant isn’t it?


  1. Awww picking on the Brandster lmao! Just teasing. I know how much you love that movie and for the Twitter "bot" that is pretty nifty actually!

  2. As the author of @IAmJacksBot I am thrilled to discover not only this post but also the fact that Martha Stewart is following the bot!

    Thanks for the thoughtful post - I get a kick out of whenever people acknowledge the bots. If you haven't, please visit http://bit.ly/neilkodsbots for a writeup of the bots as well as a listing of my other creations.

    Thanks again!