Friday, March 18, 2011

How Do You Say That in Indiana- Dialect Vlog #2

A couple weeks ago I participated in a Dialect Vlog. My friend Annie at decided to make this a vlog hop. This is so exciting for me because I had so much fun the last time and spent time thinking of words that are pronounced differently and questions that were not asked. Naturally, I wanted to do this again. So here is my Dialect vlog #2. I forgot to say that I am from Indiana in this one.


Here are the words:
Roof, Root, Illinois, Arkansas River, Missouri, About, Ask, Abdomen, Especially, Hierarchy, Often, Realtor, Coyote

1. What do you call it when friends get together and eat food outside?
2. What do you call the meal at noon? What about 6pm?
3. What do you call the thing you put your groceries in after you buy them?
4. What is it called when you ride a sled down a snowy hill?
5. What is another word for a stream you find in the woods?
6. What is the piece of furniture you store you clothes in?
7. What do you call the stuff you throw away?
8. What is the huge piece of furniture in your living room that at least 3 people can sit on?
9. What is the common/slang way for where you live to say, “Calm down”?
10. What do you call the colorful candy toppings you put on donuts?

I look forward to hearing your dialect vlog. Go check out MamaDweeb for more dialect vlogs. She has an awesome linky.


  1. so glad you joined again!
    You don't say the "t" in Often :)
    yay!! You say Creek like I do :)
    I have heard chill out too, just don't say that around here LOL
    Have a great Friday Sheila!!

  2. nice - all pretty similar to me, except I say sofa and you say couch. Sometimes I'll say couch, though.

  3. Sofa. Heard it called that, don't think I've ever called it that. You also say realtor differently.

  4. I don't say the "t" in often either, I was taught that it was silent.
    Love listening to you say all your answers, but would really love to see you, too. :)