Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do You Celebrate Half Birthdays?

Do you celebrate half birthdays? When I was younger my family celebrated mine and my sister’s half birthdays. We would each get a present from our mom on our half birthdays. Well, I would usually get mine the day before or after because my half birthday is February 29th. Since most years don’t have that date that is how we celebrated. The only reason that we “celebrated” them was because my sister’s birthday was really close to my half birthday and vice versa. It was a reason for us to each get a present around each others birthday. I know a lot of people don’t do this and the other child or children get nothing on or in this case around their sibling’s birthday. That is perfectly fine of course. Each family does things differently. We never had a full blown party or cake or anything just a gift. My grandparents even gave us each a present as well.

I decided to continue the tradition with Noah. He doesn’t have any siblings, so I am not sure why I decided to do this. I am very big on traditions and I just thought he would enjoy it. I am trying to explain to him what a half birthday is and how we celebrate it. There is no party, no cakes, no streamers, just a present. I bought him this triple plane set for his half birthday and it was pretty expensive. I was planning on only spending ten dollars on his gift and I ended up spending thirty dollars. The funny thing is he really wanted something else before he saw what he ended up getting. The first thing was 18 or 19 dollars and I didn’t want to spend that much and I ended up getting something almost twice as much! I thought about going out for ice cream because Baskin-Robbins sends you a coupon for a free scoop on your half birthday and I had one too. I thought about using our coupons, but it is way too cold to go out for ice cream.

Does your family celebrate half birthdays? If you do what do you do for them?

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  1. Nope we do not celebrate half birthdays, seems like way too much work. LOL MY gram actually told me that I shouldn't celebrate EVERY single birthday of my three kids. She said first birthday, maybe 16th and def 18th .. that's it for all three each!