Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did You Know...Dinosaurs Are Sea Life?

Really, dinosaurs live in the sea. What kind of dinosaurs? Brontosauruses. Let me take you back to one of our Target trips, we were in the dollar spot, and I found some capsules, you know the kind with little sponges inside them. I bought a package thinking maybe Noah would like them since they are transportation ones. Well, he ended up loving them. I would let him do 4 at a time when he earned them. His eyes would look in amazement and curiosity to see what the shape would be. We used them all up and I told him that I would get more of them since they were only a dollar for I think 12. When we went to Target again they didn’t have them. I decided to look online at Dollar Tree’s website since this would be something a dollar store would have. They did, I didn’t however want to pay $48 for 48 packages of 18 capsules. I decided we would go to Dollar Tree since there is a huge one a few miles from my house.

We found the capsules and bought three packages of them. We got Farm Life, Wild Life and Sea Life that Noah called Sea Lof or something. Noah begged me to do capsules when we got home, he hadn’t earned them yet so, eventually he did. He wanted to do Sea Life. I carefully handed them to him as he dropped them in the bowl of water. These Dollar Tree ones take quite a bit longer than the ones we got at Target. First it was a red sea horse, then a yellow little dolphin and then green brontosaurs. I was like what is that, and then I realized it was a green dinosaur. We watched and waited for the blue one to pop out and it was a hammerhead shark. Noah being a smart little boy knew that dinosaurs aren’t sea animals and was disappointed. I let him do two more capsules and I am happy to report there were a shark and an octopus.

I am assuming that one of those tricky capsules made it in the wrong package. If you buy the dinosaurs capsules and there is a sea creature now you know why.


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