Sunday, March 27, 2011

11 More Movie Quotes I love.

I love to watch movies and quote them too. So I thought I would share 11 more of my favorite movie quotes with you all. Just for fun. These are in no particular order they are all quotes that I love from different movies.

11. Just remember that in every pothole there is hope. Well, you see, pothole is spelled P-O-T-H-O-L-E. So if you take the P, and add it to the H, the O, and the E, and rearrange the letters... or contrariwise, you remove the O, T, and the L, you get "hope". So, just remember, in every pothole there is hope! -Mixed Nuts.

10. Get busy living or Get busy dying. -The Shawshank Redemption

9. If you are gonna spew… Spew in this. –Wayne’s World

8. Oh no We’ve been Cloned- White Chicks

7. What will you give me for a basket of kisses? A basket of kisses? Why, I’ll give you a basket of hugs. – The Bad Seed.

6. You can't right all the wrongs of this world by yourself. – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

5. That is why they elected me.. dun dun dun.. Jury Foreman – Jury Duty

4. You know, for kids- The Hudsucker Proxy

3. Well then... what's orange? If this is red, I wanna know, What's orange?- Requiem For a Dream

2. Ladies and gentleman the perfect meatloaf – Serial Mom

1. You tell them that our lives can change with every breath we take... and tell 'em to hold on like hell to what they've got: each other, and a mother who would die for them and almost did... You tell them we've all got meanness in us, but we've got goodness too. And the only thing worth living for is the good. And that's why we've got to make sure we pass it on. – Where the Heart Is

What are some of your favorite movie quotes?


  1. I am so behind. I haven't seen any of these movies.

  2. Very cute I don't know all the quotes, but I do like them!