Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Love The Curvy Arch - Guest Post


Hi, my name is Noah. I wanted to share with you my favorite things about our trip to St. Louis. I can’t really write or type yet so I asked my mommy to help me with this post. I really loved seeing the curvy arch. It was really awesome. It was giantic, mommy says you mean gigantic, but I think it is giantic because it was bigger than a giant! The first thing we did was go on the riverboat cruise. Mommy got us popcorn to enjoy while we rode on the boat. I loved watching the paddle wheel go round and round. It was really cool. It makes the boat move and I love boats. We had a great time on the riverboat cruise. I didn’t really like the whistle though; it wasn’t that bad if I covered my ears.

We had a really nice hotel room and we could see part of the Arch from the window! I liked looking out and seeing it. It was fun to look at the lights of the city at night too. I got to push the elevator buttons every time we went up or down. Mommy said I did a great job because I pushed the right button every time. The hotel was really big and I liked to run down the ramp. I even made my car go down the long ramp to our elevator. We had special valet parking and I really liked the men that brought our car down. They would all talk to me. Everyone that works in the hotel was really nice. They all would talk to me. I was sometimes shy though. We went swimming too. I like the pool. I swam with mommy and we danced in the pool and mommy sang me songs. It was fun! We had a very comfortable bed and I had my toys to play with when we weren’t busy around St. Louis.

I didn’t know we were going to go up in the arch in a little elevator. I think it looked like a space elevator, but we went up up and away! It was so neat to ride in the elevator with the nice man and woman. They even offered me a piece of gum but I would just swallow it, so mommy said no thank you. When we got to the top I looked out the windows and wow it was really cool. Everything looked really small. I felt so big! I am big though since I am 4 now. I brought my Thomas flashlight that my uncle Mike gave me and it was so curvy at the top that I set it down and the Thomas Flashlight rolled away. I am glad it stopped and a nice man that works at the Arch was able to get it back to me. I didn’t want to come back down when mommy said it was time to go. I finally decided it would be ok because we had something else planned.

After we left the Arch we were going to The Magic House, Children’s Museum. That was really cool. I had to wear a sticker so they knew we were allowed to be there. I got to play! I got to explore everything. I thought it was awesome. I played with all the Legos you can think of. I have never played with that many Legos! I raced cars I made with other kids. I really wish we lived closer to this place. I also played in the big water table and got soaking wet, but it was fun. I went to the play stores and pretended to work at a grocery store. I found a loaf of bread and I tried to take a pretend bite of it. I got to change tires and fix a car too. Mommy even drove the play delivery truck. I could stay there for days. We didn’t get to see everything but we had fun. I already told mommy I wanna come back to St. Louis.

We also went to the Zoo one day. We saw bears, penguins, tigers, elephants to name a few! We rode on the train too. I liked the train. It was fun to take a little break and just hang out and look around. The conductor was very nice. They had some kids that were little conductors. Mommy said we could maybe come back when I get a little older and I could work on the train too.

We had a lot of fun and ate a lot of yummy food at St. Louis. We ate at a factory with spaghetti. It was really fun but, my favorite was The St. Louis Bread Company because they have bagels. I love bagels. Grandma and I walked over there in the mornings because it was so close and it was fun. I did a lot of walking and I can’t wait to go back to St. Louis really soon.

Thank you to the people at the St. Louis CVC for sponsoring this awesome trip for my family.

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